smart-FI is an end-to-end trading product for Fixed Income and OTC derivatives businesses. Designed to appeal to both buy and sell side institutions looking to electronify their Fixed Income infrastructure, smart-FI helps them better control and optimize their flow while ensuring a fast on-boarding of new clients.

The Flexible End-to-End Solution

The flexible, modular and adaptive capability of smart-FI, enables organizations to control the time-to-market and new deployments costs. With smart-FI, organizations can take a phased approach to automating processes. The solution allows institutions to easily customize their flows using a combination of built-in features and standard based APIs, while taking advantage of HTML5 technology to provide a highly intuitive and portable user interface.

Discover how smartTrade can help you electronify your workflow


Supported Modules and Features

smart Connectivity
Ultra Low Latency
IRS and Repos
D2D and Futures market
Market Data
Quoting and STP
Reference data management
Reference data management
Emulation of order
smart Aggregation
Aggregation of the Market Data into a Single Order Book
Execute orders following complex Smart Order Rules
Access point for the hedging strategies
HTML5 Multi Market Interface
Auto Hedging management
smart Quotation
Market making D2D
Quote on D2C
Unlimited Tiering
Sanity protection
HTML5 flexible quotation grid Interface
smart Negotiation
RFQ lifecycle management
Client history
Auto negotiation
Dealer intervention
HTML5 dealer intervention
smart APIs
Code your own algos
Credit Check API
Report Engine API
Position engine API
Pricing controller API
Access Aggregation service via FIX or Java low latency binary APIs
Distribute Liquidity via FIX APIs
smart Hosting
Hosted in Equinix datacenter
Ultra low latency hardware and Setup
Native hot hot failover with 0 down time
Multi site support with Disaster recovery & follow the sun

Proven and Cost Effective Solution

Built on smartTrade’s robust and proven Liquidity Management System (LMS), smart-FI has been used in production for several years by leading institutions for their Fixed Income infrastructure. Our clients have been attracted by significant cost savings and flexibility to electronify their FI flows.