smartAnalytics allows you to create historical and real-time dashboards and reports to provide you with greater control and transparency over your data and interact in a more efficient way with the markets and your end clients. We store your data in our powerful, resilient and secured database to giving you the ability to easily create graphical reports and analysis on demand. Our 360 degree module covers multiple reporting requirements including: regulation, compliance, risk, Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA), performance analysis and much more. The smartAnalytics open architecture allows you to easily export and share information with other teams (traders, sales and quants) or departments (compliance and risk). Leverage pre-made reports or simply create your own. smartAnalytics complements, and is fully integrated with, our existing LiquidityFX reporting capabilities.

Comply with regulatory requirements

Use our report templates to rapidly access information stored to comply with regulations such as our Best Execution reports.

Best Execution smarttrade

Market and risk surveillance

With our sophisticated monitoring system, receive alerts when potential market abuse behaviours such as last look, suspicious trading actions and internal inconsistencies are detected. Easily set-up automatic warnings when risk tolerances are exceeded by traders or clients.


Inspect trading and overall system performance

Expose and leverage a vast range of data sets such as trades (Orders, Trades, RFQs), pricing (Liquidity Provider Prices, Trading Prices, Clients Prices) and performance (Platform Usage, Internal or External Latency, LPs performances).


Achieve greater transparency and cost reduction

Use smartAnalytics to analyse your pre-trade, execution and post-trade performance as well as conduct Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) to improve workflow efficiency and lower costs.


Empower your data

Your data can be a very powerful asset and competitive edge when properly exploited. We store unlimited amounts of data in a powerful and highly performant database enabling you to easily leverage this resource.

Secured data handling

We supply the highest quality of customer service and meet the highest compliance standards throughout the entire solution workflow. smartTrade is certified as SOC2 compliant following our recent audit which guarantees our clients the usage of safe standardised procedures when handling their data.