LiquidityAggregator can aggregate liquidity from various external and internal sources within a single view. It is fully cross-asset to support various combinations of currencies, order types and price tiering. It is fully cross-asset to support various types of streaming prices such as order books, price tiers and also combines quotes received from RFS.
LiquidityAggregator enables firms to interact with their liquidity so that an infinite combination of crossing, smart order routing and best execution combinations can be set up via rules specifically defined by each organization – especially important for firms that want to own their flow and have full control of the execution process.

Asset-Class Compatibility

Equities Forex Fixed Income Commodities Inflation
Order Mgmt System
Smart Order Routing
Trading UI

LiquidityAggregator is a flexible and easy-to deploy component that is used by banks, broker-dealers, asset managers and hedge funds. It can accept liquidity from multiple sources including both internal systems and engines, and external venues.


Support for Streaming, RFS & RFQ

The Aggregator trading station embraces the complexity of financial markets thanks to its appealing user interface and also powerful trading engines under the hood. The Aggregator supports Executable Streaming Price (EPS), Request For Stream (RFS) and Request for Quotation (RFQ).

RFQ Aggregator

Customizable UI

The Aggregator is built upon a strong card-based responsive user interface. In addition, this UI can be tailored to one trader’s needs thanks to a handful of widgets that can display information ranging from market data to a text or video news feed.

Trading UI Screenshot