SmartMV is a performance monitoring viewer for the Liquidity Management System (LMS) application stack. SmartMV works with all the LMS components and provides total system transparency  

Asset-Class Compatibility

Equities Forex Fixed Income Commodities Inflation
Order Mgmt System
Smart Order Routing
Trading UI

Measuring latency for every hop inside the application

SmartMV measures the latency of each hop and every state transition inside the application. It can precisely measure how long it takes for the LiquidityAggregator to receive a price and redistribute it in an aggregated view, how long an algorithm takes to process an order, or how long a process takes to store to disk. It can also measure API integration performance, helping users see exactly how their custom code or integrated systems impact overall performances.

Speeding up issue resolution

SmartMV allows users to rank issues by order of magnitude. Therefore users can quickly identify issues and root causes and thus eliminate guesswork.

Alerting in real-time

The alerting system is fully customizable, allowing users to configure intelligent alerts and to address problems before they cause outages. Alerts can be set against thresholds for warnings and critical level issues. Subscribers can get notifications via email or SMS.

Configuring business-level dashboards and custom reports

SmartMV allows users to see key performance metrics at a glance and quickly drill down to specific information. The system can also generate branded reports for customers and regulators, allowing visibility into performance against service level agreements. SmartMV can also generate historical reports to allow users to compare performance levels over time in the context of specific events.