smartTrade’s price distribution system allows to distribute liquidity in an easy and automated way using our white label platform, FIX sessions or via binary APIs.

Asset-Class Compatibility

Equities Forex Fixed Income Commodities Inflation
Order Mgmt System
Smart Order Routing
Trading UI

API or dedicated GUI control

Clients can be set up separately and managed either via Excel or the built-in smartTrade GUI. Our price distribution system also features post-trade commissions with the same level of granularity as those applied to live trading.

Edit & Build core price feeds

smartTrade’s price distribution system enables institutions to define client tiers and apply tiered distribution margins. The core tiered pricing is done via the smartCC user interface. The pricing rules include feeds, depth, aggregation and conflation parameters and support spot, forward and RFS order types.

Live Price Modifications

Furthermore, margins, haircuts and markups can be edited in real time either through smartCC or via the Prices screen of the OMS. Skew, spread and tradability options can be edited on the fly by system and channel.