LiquidityOrchestrator is an advanced smart order router (SOR) that manages order flow for any asset class. It provides mechanisms to help achieve and prove best execution, including the capability for custom execution algorithms and order lifecycle management.

Asset-Class Compatibility

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Order Mgmt System
Smart Order Routing
Trading UI

A Flexible Order Routing Engine

LiquidityOrchestrator was designed to bring a higher level of flexibility to the smart order routing process. It has access to an aggregated order book produced by LiquidityAggregator giving a full depth view across all aggregated venues. In addition, the Orchestrator can be configured to access an internal liquidity pool, allowing client flow to trade internally, improving execution quality and reducing information leakage.
It includes highly flexible Java, .NET or C++ APIs, allowing users to integrate sophisticated algorithms and other proprietary functionality. LiquidityOrchestrator can be implemented by individual asset class or on a cross-asset basis as part of the organization’s electronic trading backbone.