smarTrade is providing financial institutions with powerful user interfaces that either directly allow traders to buy and sell liquidity in a handful of setups and/or manage the way liquidity is traded. smartTrade’s UI stack can either be used standalone or in conjunction with other smartTrade components.

Asset-Class Compatibility

Equities Forex Fixed Income Commodities Inflation
Order Mgmt System
Smart Order Routing
Trading UI

From engines to UIs

smartTrade has been making fast and reliable trading engines for nearly two decades, building a renowned reputation in the finance industry. Several years ago, smartTrade started making its own user interfaces. Today, this strategic expansion has earned smartTrade several awards and the conversion of numerous clients from its engine-based offering to its full-stack one, featuring smartTrade’s fast, reliable, and mature user interfaces.

Using the latest Web technologies

One of the keys to this success lies in the use of web technologies. smartTrade provides financial institutions with HTML5 in-browser user interfaces, enjoying the flexibility and the rapidity of Web deployment while resting on smartTrade’s core engines. In fact, smartTrade is able to deliver UIs that work on any operating system and any browser.

Reliability First

The smartTrade software architecture emphasizes asset-independent and reliable trading engines. Therefore, the UI stack only tops off the core engines and is the fundamentally asset-differentiated smartTrade component. This allows smartTrade’s engineers to either focus on the engines or the UI separately, ensuring a more efficient development process and a better quality product delivery.