What are the most important criteria for buy-side firms when choosing a trading technology solution?

Transparency, efficiency, security...

What are the most important criteria for buy-side firms when choosing a trading technology solution?

The strong regulatory environment, the focus on cost effective solutions and the wider usage of analytics have all highlighted the need for greater transparency, efficiency and security across the industry.
smartTrade has identified shared and recurring pain points among buy-side clients looking for EMS technology: the need for an independent technology solution to provide liquidity and algos without conflicts of interest or brokerage fees, the ability to both execute and communicate blocks of allocations via a single point, and an open system that can be easily integrated with other existing systems/infrastructure.
smartTrade buy-side clients have found that smartTrade's EMS is the perfect answer in terms of providing a robust and scalable technology platform, improved transparency and advanced execution logic, together with a quick time to market.
smartTrade’s LiquidityFX solution is a feature-rich out-of-the-box offering with the option of deployed or private cloud hosting models and no need to involve significant in-house IT resources.

Direct Market Access
Most buy-side clients want to cut out the middleman and break free from conflicts of interest in venues owned by market participants. They want to access cross-asset liquidity directly without exposing their orders to third-party venues using opaque matching logic, with uncertain fees, added latency, and restricted algos and order support. Today, smartTrade offers more than 100 connectors, with new ones being added on a regular basis.

Cross-asset EMS/OMS and analytics functionalities
To compete effectively in today’s environment, the buy-side requires an advanced and future-proof offering. smartTrade’s cross-asset solution combines EMS functionality with the ability to intelligently manage resting orders sitting both locally and on external venues. A state-of-the-art HTML5 GUI allows users to view liquidity and access internal or external algos as well as upload orders and monitor API order flow. Clients can leverage smartTrade’s OMS or easily integrate smartTrade’s EMS with any third-party OMS using open architecture and standard APIs.

smartTrade’s TCA and analytics solutions enables clients to easily monitor their trading desk performance while also ensuring their LPs/brokers deliver maximum execution efficiency. smartTrade has been able to incorporate new transparency and regulatory requirements, liquidity, cost, last look and execution analysis through smartANALYTICS, which provides of a suite of reports. smartTrade’s powerful HTML5-based GUI displays a set of reports that enables traders to improve execution flow, detect toxic flow, or rank liquidity providers in terms of non-price factors and to automatically remove providers with poor execution fill ratios.

The smartTrade solution includes more than 20 built-in execution and position management cross-asset algos. The open architected solution allows the buyside to build additional logic themselves or to connect directly to third-party algo providers such as banks or specialist algo counterparties. smartTrade’s R&D team can also undertake the development of custom algos based on client specifications.

Data security
With GDPR, Global Code of Conduct and recent industry scandals, the buy-side requires the highest level of security and stability, with strenuous independent testing. To ensure your data and your key business solutions are safe, smartTrade is independently audited and monitored on a continuous basis as part of SOC2 certification. State intrusiveness into confidential client data varies around the world – smartTrade offers various global hosting locations to reflect such concerns. Lastly, some vendors will repackage and resell your data analytics – smartTrade does not and will not harvest your activity for any reason.