What key opportunities have we witnessed in the crypto space and how can smartTrade continue being a successful technology partner?

What key opportunities have we witnessed in the crypto space and how can smartTrade continue being a successful technology partner?

In the past 12 months smartTrade has been working on a variety of crypto initiatives.

Banks, in particular private banks, have been exploring the addition of crypto as part of their cross asset franchise. By already having smartTrade as a technology partner in FX, the implementation of new specifications does not require any major changes to their workflows thus, reducing risk and the time to market.

smartTrade is also working with exciting new initiatives such as Seba in the Crypto Valley located in Switzerland. Seba aims to be the first crypto bank and has selected smartTrade as their underlying technology.
As the technology partner for Seba, smartTrade is providing connectivity to a large number of liquidity venues, aggregation and execution, as well as Smart Order Routing (SOR) along with other functionalities such as pricing, distribution, risk, order management and analytics.
Seba is also taking advantage of smartTrade’s hosting and colocation services, which have already passed stringent security and the most strenuous independent testing (SOC2 Type 2).

On the broker side, smartTrade has witnessed its existing FX clients implementing crypto to their offering. As for a distribution franchise or a white label solution, smartTrade has also been solicited by the liquidity venues.

Trading venues are one of the most interesting areas, smartTrade is well-versed in assisting clients to create internal and external markets using its cross asset platform, with particular focus placed on the crossing engine.
Many new entrants are seeking to offer their own central limit order book (CLOB), from which they are delighted to find smartTrade as a technology partner. Our technology is already performing in diverse asset classes such as FX, fixed income, derivatives and equities. Therefore, the addition of crypto features was a very natural fit.
We are an established, flexible and resilient platform provider, possessing the ability to match trading venues’ successful business and quick time to market objectives.

Crypto hedge funds and private wealth managers may already trade multiple asset classes or they may have just started dabbling in crypto. One way in which they are able to differentiate themselves is by actually writing their own algos.
Essentially, what they are after is an open access to aggregated exchange feeds along with the ability to inject their own IP via custom algos.

Regardless of the business model, it always reverts back to the build versus buy argument.