Our team works very hard to deliver outstanding FX, Fixed Income and Equities solutions. We count among our clients: banks, brokers, buy sides and corporate firms from all over the world. You will find below a partial list of companies using smartTrade's solutions.

  • Sucden Financial

    "smartTrade were well placed to provide us with the necessary tools to help us accomplish our expansion plans.” commented Wayne Roworth, co-Head of eFX, at Sucden Financial. “Their ability to provide specific features such as an LD4 matching engine and ECN connectivity for our non-bank prime products were critical milestones for us."

  • SBI Liquidity Market

    Tatsuo Shigemitsu, Representative Director and President, SBI Liquidity Market commented: “By deploying Pricing/Distribution Module of smartTrade, we have definitely acquired a position to provide our abundant liquidity promptly and internationally. We believe it should boost our overseas business development that we are strongly focusing on Asia at the moment.”

  • BCV

    Eric Vauthey, Head of Trading at BCV said: “smartTrade demonstrated efficiency in implementing their e-FX solution and a great capacity to seamlessly integrate with existing third-party applications. smartTrade’s team showed responsiveness and flexibility in order to deliver an offering that best suited our needs.”

  • Pragma

    "smartTrade’s LiquidityFX offering is impressive, and its flexible components allow us to meet the needs of clients who prefer us to provide them with liquidity aggregation as well as algorithmic trading logic. The fact that smartTrade provides a pure technology solution that we can host and manage as an integrated part of our offering was essential to us.”

  • R5

    "R5FX offers banks and institutional traders a venue that provides equal access to Emerging Market currencies, enabling fast and efficient trading,” said Jon Vollemaere, CEO of R5FX. “We chose smartTrade’s platform as it is industry proven, robust, flexible to match our needs, and provides us with the capacity to support future market growth.”

  • LCG

    Charles-Henri Sabet, CEO of London Capital Group, said “We continually invest in the development of our infrastructure and have taken significant steps to improve our platform scalability and competitive position, ensuring that we are well placed to promote our Spread Betting, CFD and FX products globally. We have chosen smartTrade as our trusted partner to deliver intuitive and user-friendly systems, which provide our customers with simple, fast and robust, on-line trading systems.”

  • CMC

    Greg Niebank, Group Head of Product at CMC Markets says, “We have seen tighter spreads and improved fill ratios thanks to the no brokerage fee model offered by smartTrade and the benefit of being cross-connected to our liquidity providers. Additionally, the smartTrade solution has significantly simplified our infrastructure, allowing us to respond to changes in the market environment much more quickly”.

  • Vontobel

    Urs Bernegger, Head RM & Advisory FX/PM at Bank Vontobel, said “It is impressive how fast smartTrade delivered the solution and got us ready to trade on it. The LiquidityFX platform allows us to ramp up our forex offering and Bank Vontobel is pleased to add the services of electronic delivery for FX and PM Spot, Forwards and Swaps to our clients in the coming months.”