Beyond the global concept, a way of doing business. The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility covers several dimensions. However, it only truly becomes meaningful and acts as a driver of performance and value creation when it is tailored to the realities of each company.

For smartTrade, CSR is above all a way of doing our business and also a way of life. It offers a dynamic framework through which our company expresses its values, and is in line with the agile, modern and human image which we wish to embody

CSR is a key topic for our clients, employees and shareholders. It supports our brand development and, from the origin to the long term, our company history.

More precisely, the key points of our approach lie partly in the strong values which have been present since the foundation of smartTrade, as well as in the four dimensions identified below: Ethics, HR, Community and Sports, Environment.

David VINCENT, CEO of smartTrade


Ensure a clear and formal ethical framework about the way we conduct our business, manage our clients’ data, and engage with our employees and partners.


Offer a dynamic working environment, including a favourable quality of life at the heart of the company and the opportunity for each member of the staff to grow.

Community & Sports

Act as a committed actor in local communities through the values of sport and societal causes.


Ensure our responsibility regarding our impacts, both in the daily activities of our business and its operations.

Each of these commitments is illustrated by concrete actions which are annually reviewed and discussed in a continuous progress objective. They represent the baseline of our CSR policy, and contribute to the development of our brand and to the reputation of smartTrade – one that ought to extend beyond operational and technical excellence.