Asahi chooses smartTrade for their precious metals trading platform

Asahi chooses smartTrade for their precious metals trading platform

Asahi Pretec, a precious metals recycling company, has selected smartTrade Technologies, a global leader in multi-asset, end-to-end trading solutions, as technology provider to deliver their next generation precious metals trading platform, with NTTData, a major Japanese system integrator, as a partner.

Asahi Pretec was searching for a solution that would allow them to expand their operations and be flexible enough to accommodate existing and future business as well as regulatory requirements. smartTrade will provide connectivity to the markets, pricing and distribution as well as risk and post-trade management. smartTrade is the perfect technology partner to meet Asahi’s current and future requirements and to implement a cost-effective solution with a quick time to market.

Hiroyuki Nakanishi, President of Asahi Pretec, explained, “We had an immediate need for a flexible technology platform to price and distribute our precious metal prices to support Asahi’s global expansion. Not only does smartTrade’s high quality proven technology comprehensively address our specific business needs, it also ensures a fast and quick time to market.”

David Vincent, smartTrade’s CEO, said, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to implement smartTrade’s technology at Asahi. smartTrade’s sophisticated hosted solution will provide low latency connectivity, highly flexible and customisable pricing and distribution which in turn will enhance Asahi’s offering”.

About Asahi Pretec:
Asahi Pretec collects and recycles waste materials containing precious and rare metals from varied fields.
By recycling precious metals and rare metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium essential to modern manufacturing, they are contributing to the effective utilization of resources and industry development.